Martin Bishop, Technology Business Development

Martin Bishop leads Technology Business Development for IoT across EMEA, he is focussed on how the technology can be applied to solve problems for Public Sector organisations. Martin has a great experience in realising value from IoT solutions dating back to early Automated Meter Reading solutions in the utilities industry. He's architected solutions for many millions of connected devices and 10s of billions of data points per day and understands that doing IoT at scale is all about automation, operational efficiency and building a capability that enables you to get the most from your data. Realising benefit from IoT also means not only looking at the direct automation / operational advantage you gain from point solutions. The real value is realised when the network/compound effect of different solutions are combined with each other to create new / vastly different user experiences. Machine Learning combined with the additional data from IoT devices present an opportunity to not only understand, but also to predict and respond, for example anticipating and preventing equipment failure. In this talk we'll look at some of the examples of AI/ML-based technologies to help drive increases in operational efficiency and better user engagement. We'll also look at how AWS can help you build your own capability to best exploit your current and future data assets. When not working he likes to tinker and build things with his 5 and 6 year-old sons / days on the beach in sunny Felixstowe.