SPEAKER - Texthelp

Martin McKay


CTO & Founder Texthelp 


After studying Computing, Martin founded Texthelp in 1996 to help people with communication difficulties.  What started as a company focused on people with profound Speech and Dexterity Disabilities has become a world leading Ed Tech company providing easy to use, and useful software tools for people with dyslexia, people learning or working in a second language - or just learning read.

Over that time he has built, led and directed a team of engineers to deliver technology that is used by millions of people every day around the world.  He has filed patents in technology areas related to talking Ebooks, Smartphone Keyboards and Math user interfaces. 

Martin is a passionate technologist and new tech early adopter.  He loves to build robots, 3D printers and IOT connected device projects.  He regards himself as incredibly fortunate to work in a sector that has such a positive impact on society using technologies that are so fun and compelling with work with. 

His personal goal is to help 100 million people achieve their literacy goals.

Martin is currently serving in an advisory capacity on the Universal Design for Learning council. 


Founder of Texthelp in 1998

Served on Assistive Technology Industry Association Board

Served on the NIMAS board for the USA Office of Special Education Programs

2015/16 Google Technology Partner of the year

2017 - Lifetime Achievement Award for services to people with dyslexia - International Dyslexia Association

Professional Memberships

Institute of Directors

British Computer Society