SPEAKER - Allstate

Dean Corry


Dean Corry, Senior Manager, Data Discovery & Decision Science, Allstate

Dean Corry has been a Data Scientist with Allstate for 8 years. He graduated from Queen’s University Belfast with an MSci in Mathematics and immediately joined Allstate’s new Predictive Modelling team in 2009, became site manager in 2014 and oversaw the growth of that team from 15 to 31 people in the last 2 years. He has been an integral part of the team’s evolution from performing descriptive analytics to predictive analytics to machine learning, from Excel and SAS to R to Python and H2O, from SQL to Hadoop to Spark and from simple GLM to Regularized GLM, GBM and Neural Net.

Dean also leads Allstate's Auto and Property Pricing Analytics teams who are tasked with using data to develop new and innovative insurance products, increase sales efficiency and drive data-driven decision making regarding Allstate's products and their prices. His team recently completed an overhaul of the models used in Allstate’s Property Pricing Engine, currently benchmarked as being the most advanced in the industry. Prior to this he led Allstate's Customer Experience Analytics team and pioneered investigations into predicting customer behaviour by modelling sequences of events.

Dean has a passion for training and developing people, he built Allstate’s first new hire Data Science training program and is currently an active member of Allstate’s Data Science Talent Development Committee.

When not building models, Dean enjoys boardgaming and making his boardgame collection bigger than his apartment’s internal storage space.