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Cathy Craig

Behavioural Neuroscientist

Cathy Craig is a professor of Experimental Psychology at Ulster University and Co-founder and CEO of INCISIV, a neurotechnology company based in Belfast. Over the last 20 years she has been developing a brand of analytics to unlock the secrets of why we move, how we move and why sometimes we can’t. She was the first in the world to use virtual reality technology to control what the brain sees and measure how the brains responds. She has worked with elite athletes in many different sports (soccer, handball, cricket and rugby) but also children with autism, older adults and people with Parkinson’s. Her decision analytics have helped large multi-national companies such as Microsoft Research and adidas evaluate the design of their products. She has a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, an Habilitation (HDR) from the University of Aix-Marseille, France and over 80 scientific publications. She was the recipient of a highly prestigious European Research Council (ERC) award in 2008.