Analytics Engines

Dr Alastair McKinley, Chief Technical Officer


CTO at Analytics Engines. I am responsible for initial customer engagement including profiling and system/application diagnostics, customer solution architecture as well as internal product development on Analytics Engines Big Data Stack tools.

Areas of Expertise:
- Algorithm design and implementation
- Software profiling and code optimisation
- High performance system architecture including database and query design
- Parallel computing technologies (OpenMP/MPI/SIMD/pthreads/Intel Intrinsics)
- Heterogeneous acceleration technologies (GPGPU,Xeon Phi,FPGA)
- High performance computing
- Software development in C/C++/R/Python/Fortran/Java/C# 
- Workflow automation including code generation (including parser development with LALR parsers GOLD and Lemon)

PhD graduate from QUB studying high performance algorithms and architectures for Spectrum Management in DSL.